Hello Corbacrafters,

After about a week of living without no internet, it has finally been fixed. This week is going to be used to fix a lot of the bugs that where built up while I was gone so don't expect anything to new this week. I'm also here to give and update on the creative server. With Pound being out of commission for just a little while longer I have decided we are going to wait until his return to introduce the creative server. Anyways expect things to be fixed and issues to be resolved this week with a lot of optimization tweaks.

Dear Corbacrafters,

The creative server now has an official release date. The goal is to release the creative server this saturday around noon hopefully. Of course it might be delayed depending on the situation, but expect it to be around then.

As for the competitive PVP server, the goal is to have it released early next week and the first season will begin next Saturday not this upcoming one.

- Ergo

Current Voting Leaderboard
Matrix_326 - 6
herocreeper23 - 5
Paranormalpeng - 5
Dear Corbacrafters,

Along with the creative server, I have also been working on a new competitive PVP server for Corbacraft. This isn't like factions or Ultimus, it is completely different. This server is very similar to KitPVP, but contains a lot more challenges and competitiveness.

There will be two different game modes in this server and here is how each one will work:

This is the season play game mode, everyone starts with 1000 ELO and whoever the top 3 are at the end of the season are rewarded with donation vouchers for that season.
Important information:
  • The top 3 players at each season's end will be rewarded with donation vouchers.
  • Ranked only applies to the 1v1 arena section.
  • To face someone in ranked, players will be using the same kit to ensure it is balanced.
  • There will be a 3 match daily limit on ranked. This is to give everyone the same chance.
  • There will be a very advanced anti-cheat plugin on the server to ensure people do not hack.
  • Seasons will last a set amount of days (Undecided right now).
  • All players and staff alike can take place in this event.
  • Boosting for wins is easily detectable and will be a bannable offense.
  • There is a random arena selection so you'll have to master all of them.
  • At release there will be only one available class when fighting in ranked. As we continue there will be more.
This is the game mode that allows you to play an unlimited number of matches and practice your fighting so you can become the best PvP fighter for the ranked arenas. This gamemode is strictly for fun, but will also be used to test new maps. You'll be able to vote for your favorite maps you test.
Important information:
  • Unlimited number of matches.
  • More gamemodes than 1v1.. eventually.
  • Addition of party play... eventually.
  • Test un-released ranked arenas.
  • Practice-play or for fun.
  • Multiple classes to choose from to...
Dear Corbacrafters,

We have been super busy during this holiday season and we are working very hard to provide you all with more fun things to do. As you may know we just released the Ultimus server about a week or so ago and it is doing very well, so because we have been requested so many times we have FINALLY decided it's time to release our new Creative server. As of right now the server is still in development and will be for a bit longer. We are not so familiar with creative servers so we have a lot to learn before we release. As of right now there isnt an expected release date but there will be soon and when we are able to provide that we will share it in another post.

Keep on Mining!
Update: We are 100% ready for release.

Dear Corbacrafters

I'm here to announce the January release of our new voting leaderboard. We have developed a plugin so throughout the coming months we can track who votes where and how many times they vote. This means we can start rewarding our top voters more, so if you are on of the top 3 voters of the month you will be awarded a donation voucher depending on your voting placement. The vouchers for the place you are in will be listed below. If there is a tie between a bunch of people you will be placed in a drawing for the top voter. If only a few people tie all that tied will receive a voucher. Please note this is starts in January.

First: $30
Second: $20
Third: $10
In case you've noticed...
The forums have changed their layout.

Some minor changes in permissions will be set as issues are discovered.

Staff ranks are being modified.
Excuse any errors you may see on staff profiles.

Threads older than two months are being deleted. Please contact Reg via PM if something of yours has been deleted that should not have.

Please take some time to read the guides posted in all of the new boards and give the staff who helped write them all a big thank you!​
Dear Corbacrafters,

Below are some of the key Ultimus updates we have just performed on the server. A few players have reported some combat logging so we hopefully have found a solution to this problem by adding a combat timer. This timer will make it so whenever you are in combat you cannot leave the server for 30 seconds otherwise you will be automatically killed. Another notable update is the addition of spawner mining, so now if you have "Silk Touch" on any pic axe you can mine a spawner and it will be added to your inventory. Below are all of the Ultimus updates we did.

Ultimus Updates
  • Fixed donation rank error, not giving keys when someone donates.
  • Added a 30 second combat logging timer.
  • Added the ability to mine and place spawners.
  • Fixed some farming optimization allowing things to grow faster.
Side note: We will be doing updates like this more often in order to keep the server more organized and to ensure balanced game-play.
Update: The sale is now active on all items in our store until December 28th

Dear Corbacrafter's,

To celebrate the holidays we have activated a 50% off Christmas sale on our server shop site. The 50% off will be applied to all packages on our store, and last until the 28th of this month. If a few players ask we might be able to extend the sale a couple of days, so you can get your final purchases.

Happy Holidays!
Update: So far everything for the Hunger Games server is on pace. Stay tuned here for updates regarding it before its release.
Estimated Release Date: 12/22/2016 7:00 P.M

Dear Corbacrafters,

We have decided to bring Hunger Games back for the holiday season. The goal is to provide all of you with something to do when you want to either take a break from Ultimus or the survival servers. I will be trying to do regular maintenance to the Hunger Games server in order to keep it interesting for everyone on the server. Any suggestions for the Hunger Games server should be placed in the suggestions section on the forums.

Update: The new Lothar is currently open and playable, spawn is finished and decorated for Christmas.

Dear Corbacrafters,

Recently after updating to 1.11.1 on all of our survival servers, Lothar our oldest of the three finally had to get a reset. We discovered multiple corrupted chunks and fixed as many as we could. Unfortunately we could not fix them all and the severest of the chunks caused the entire server to crash when a player entered it. Because of this we decided it is time for a map reset. Awesome enough for most of you Christmas break is starting and a fresh start is a perfect way to go into it, some people may not feel this way and to those people I am very sorry this happened.

Please check here often for updates on the situation.

Have Fun Corbacrafters!