Hi there Corbacrafters,

Most of you probably already noticed,mojang has release minecraft 1.14.3. The time
has finally come for Corbacraft too,
to update to 1.14.3, so we too can benefit
from the fixes mojang has implemented in their latest release.
Below you'll
find a short summary of what fixes have been implemented in 1.14.3.

Main relevant features that have been fixed:

By Kristof8811, 17 hours ago
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Hi there fellow CorbaCrafters!
As you all know, we couldn't yet include all features we used to offer after the most recent reset.
This doesn't mean we won't ever be re-introducing all of these features. We will be gradually releasing them with upd...

By Kristof8811, 20 days ago
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What's going on PhiliaLads!

Fun little update for you all here today. The goal with this update is to jumpstart the economy and get some money rolling around the server. We did this by adding a new feature which will provide players with 50 PhiliaCash every 15 minutes for simply playing on the server. There is a maximum of up to 500 PhiliaCash in a day but it should most deffintley help boost some earnings up there. This was also intedned to be a little reward for those who play on the server often. This is a relativley small update but it is the first one so expect more soon!


By Ergology_CC, 23 days ago
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What's going on Corbacrafters!

Ergooolooogy here with a start of the summer update! As you can tell we have decided to redo the website in an attempt to make it more simple, clean, and fast loading. Below is a list of features that you can find here which we previously did not have.

One of the largest changes you will notice is that your account will need to be re-created here. To do this I STRONGLY reccomend using your Minecraft account username as it will then place you...

By Ergology_CC, about 1 month ago
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