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Christmas Crates Are Here!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ergology, Dec 22, 2017.

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  1. ergology

    ergology Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Registered

    Happy Holidays Corbacrafters!
    Ergo here and I thought this holiday season with the new server and all thats going on we should release our first round of collectible items!

    So with that being said we have added our 2017 Christmas Collection! These items can be won from our Christmas Crate on both Sophus and Lothar. The goal is to make these items rare and collectible items that can be sold later for a good amount of CorbaCash. Anyways with that being said the new crate keys can be purchased here and you can also earn them from voting crates.

    Hope you all have a happy holiday and I will see you all on Corbacraft!
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  2. Aylin

    Aylin Moderator Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Registered

    Is it correct that you can only buy them for Sophus? Or does it give it on both servers? Asking since the link sends you to Sophus Crate Keys, and the Christmas crate keys are not between the Lothar Crate Keys
  3. Manu

    Manu Member Registered

    2017-12-23_13.22.17.png Hi there, Wouter recently bought the Christmas keys and the broadcast was sent to the chat, however he says that the keys haven't gone into his inventory. Some assistance for him I'm sure would be mucho appreciated.

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  4. WouterBK_CC

    WouterBK_CC Active Member Registered

    Hey Manu,

    Thanks for posting this, it has not been dealt with at this moment. So your post really helps. I made one myself but probably in the wrong channel.


    Wouter Aesseloos
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