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Event Idea

Discussion in 'In-game Suggestions' started by Jay_Skybuilder, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Jay_Skybuilder

    Jay_Skybuilder Member Registered

    I was thinking of ideas, and I came up with a mini game:
    Players are put into a normal hardcore survival world. The world should have borders. Every so often, the players are teleported, or swapped, between eachother. Players may set traps or maybe just want to survive.

    However I already see problems:
    -The swapping of players
    -Players on purpose workshop by together to not die as to drag the game on
    -This will last quite a while
    -It probably requires a lot of staff
    -It probably will only be one round

    I’ve heard of giant events, like the October pvp tournament. Since this game would take a while, maybe using it as a bigger event would be better.

    Just an idea that’s completely unrefined.
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  2. Duette

    Duette New Member Registered

    How do you win in this event? Surviving for the longest or is it like a hungergame with pvp?

    As you said in the cons for the event so would it be problematic if everyone "secretly" worked together to survive. To be honest so could this event go on forever?

    I'm not trying to complain but as you said, this is a unrefined idea.
    However it would be cool if it works tho, I'd defenitly play it.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
  3. Alice [707]

    Alice [707] Hacking in Progress... Staff Member Forums Overseer Moderator Registered

    There's too many questions I have:

    1. What is the objective?
    2. Is it a one-time thing or multiple days/weeks/month thing?
    3. What is the event exactly besides just putting the world on hardcore?

    Those are but a few. I'm very confused on this event idea.
  4. Jay_Skybuilder

    Jay_Skybuilder Member Registered

    Okay, sorry for not following format. Here we go.
    Username: Jay_Skybuilder
    What is it: an event
    What server: Sophus, but other servers are fine.
    Event itself: Swapping players between randomly. This means that players won’t know when the swap will happen. The aim of the game is to be last player standing, since using this swapping, you can use it to set traps. For instance, a player is shifting right over a tall tower, the swap happens, and the player who got swapped falls to their death. It’s trying to use swapping to your advantage. The winner is the last one alive.
    1)Lots if players could join
    2)Since the swappage is random, you are always on edge. It will be fun how the players will adapt to the situation.
    3)It uses a command block machine/plug in thing to work, this means staff won’t have to be constantly teleporting everyone. As far as I know, it’s compatible with the 1.12 update.
    1)It will be very hard to set this up as a normal event.
    2)Players might try to team up and not kill eachother.
    3)I’ve only seen the plug in work for 2 people.
    It will probably never be used since it would be very hard to find enough staff to do it and the plugin in compatibility. But it’s just an idea, use it however you want.
  5. Alice [707]

    Alice [707] Hacking in Progress... Staff Member Forums Overseer Moderator Registered

    So...to clarify: This is swapping two players positions at total random times.
  6. Aylin

    Aylin Global mod Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Registered

    For an event I'd think it's best to do it on the event server, not on Sophus. But we do not have a hardcore survival world, so that is something that would need to be made. And is there a simple way to reset this so players who have died a previous time can get back?

    But still I dont see HOW this would work. I cant think of a command to switch 2 players without being at the location for one, tp that person to the other, tp the other person to yourself.

    Also with a command block I cant think of a way to make it work, but admitted, I have no experience with command blocks.

    You mention the option for a plugin, do you know a plugin that can be used for it? You say you have seen this plugin only work for 2 players (meaning you do know a plugin, despite not having linked it), but to make this an event we should be able to use it for a larger group.
  7. Jay_Skybuilder

    Jay_Skybuilder Member Registered

    To clarify, yes, it’s basically 2 players and only getting swapped.
    This is just a really underdeveloped idea for anyone who’s interested in it.
    The hardcore world wouldn’t work, it’s just that players shouldn’t be able to regenerate.
    As for the plug in, I admit I don’t know.
    Sorry if I’ve been wasting your time.
  8. Aylin

    Aylin Global mod Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Registered

    Can you work on expanding the suggestion and looking more up about it?
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  9. Alice [707]

    Alice [707] Hacking in Progress... Staff Member Forums Overseer Moderator Registered

    I also don't really like this idea, personally.

    1. A world would need to be made just for this to work [As you said, hardcore mode]
    2. I don't like suddenly tping away from what I'm doing [Whether it's fooling around or actually building/mining] and potentially dying
    3. The idea isn't fleshed out enough, as Aylin has stated, for me to get a positive notion on it.
  10. LordArbus

    LordArbus Well-Known Member Builder Events Registered

    I'm denying this suggestion.

    This is too complicated and would run for too long; players would be encouraged to cheat to win in this.
    We encourage shorter events, (no longer than 1 hour), and that aren't too hard to figure out/complete.

    Thank, you.
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