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Notice Forum Information Change Format

Discussion in 'Forum Info Changes' started by Alice [707], Apr 14, 2017.

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  1. Alice [707]

    Alice [707] Hacking in Progress... Staff Member Forums Overseer Moderator Registered

    When making your forum account, there are some things that can be changed....and there are others that can be permanent.

    Here is where you can alter information that is permanent that you can't change at the ready.

    Note: If you request something that can be changed yourself, a forum staff will notify you where to change this. The few things that can't be changed are: Forum username (what shows on your profile) or your birthday (whether year or day).

    Current forum username:
    Date of request:
    What would you like changed?
    What is it currently?
    What would it be changed to (if birthday/age, please include the full date of birth)?
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