Lothars Rework and Update

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    Hey Corbacrafters!
    So today I am here to announce that we are doing a Lothar rework and the set release is Saturday (March 17th) at 4PM EST. Below you can find a list of the planned changes.

    Lothar Rework/Update
    • Map Reset: Its been 8 months since last reset
    • Difficulty change from easy to normal
    • There will be a staff world so Ergo and the staff have a place to play
    • TP Delay is 3 Seconds
    • Heal and Feed Cool down 800 Seconds (About 13 mins)
    • Catalog will be coming back on Lothar
    • Initial release we will have the survival basics similar to how sophus is. Over the next few days we will be introducing more advanced things in.
    • Crates will contain OP items to make it a bit different.
    • New Staff Rank SMod will be on this server
    Noteable new features
    • Parkour and some fun dungeon adventures will be on here
    • SMod Staff rank will be in place. This is a staff rank that doesn't enforce rules but instead works on many projects while helping the players.
    • Staff world expect to see a lot of staff making their own builds and participating with you (Ergo included)
    • CCity will be getting a rework!!!!
    You should note the initial release will be the basics which includes everything that is currently on Sophus. We are doing this so it is easier to work out the kinks and bugs.

    Now to answer this question as I am certain I will be asked a lot.

    Why the reset?
    First and foremost we are doing the rework now in preparation for something big coming this summer.
    Secondly we are seeing the map get to a HUGE size and that is an issue as it causes the space on the server to fill up.
    Third 1.13 is coming out soon the plan is to keep this new map and add the 1.13 map giving you all a chance to get a head start before the update is released.

    Time and Date of Release 3/17/2018 @4PM
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