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Vote Contest January Winners

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by ergology, Jan 31, 2018.

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  1. ergology

    ergology Administrator Staff Member Admin Moderator Registered

    Congratulations to our winners!
    Ice_Phoenix95 - $50
    Synergy2691 - $25
    Odagroda - $10
    DctrJ - $10

    If you are one of the winners you need to pm me as soon as possible. Once you PM me you will receive a coupon code. You can use this code however you would like.

    Side note: I did say last month the top 8 would get a $10 gift card. We soon realized this would not work as there are to many ties after the top 5 votes. Sorry about the mix up, and I believe we have now found our permanent solution. That being the top 4 voters. If there is a tie both users will receive the reward.
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  2. Synergy2691

    Synergy2691 New Member Registered

    Sweet! Is there a discord i can contact you at?
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  3. Aylin

    Aylin Moderator Staff Member Moderator Server Moderator Registered

    You can message him here on the forums;) If you click on his name here in the forums, it'll say Start a conversation. A conversation is equivalent to a PM. You can also choose to click on the mail-icon in the top right and start a conversation from there
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