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IGN: beepbop
4 months ago

Welcome back to another Community Post! 


Server Updates:

No new updates for today!


Please read through the most current change-log for all of the fixes we have recently done.


Team Updates:

Applications are open and can be found in the Application section of the forums! Good luck to all that apply!


All applications are open.



Event Winners:

Each month we will count up which players won first place the most, and weekly we will post whoever won first place! Remember you get a special shulker box full of items for first place!


Monthly 1st place winner for August:

Matthew_SVK with 12 wins !!

Two months in a row!


Weekly 1st place winners:

September 10 - September 17:

Astrophiliacc - Once

TinyTiger1234 - Once

Red4m4mcny - Once

That40kguy - Once




All battles can be overcome with teamwork and perseverance! 



If you could add any drops to any mob, what would it be and why?


I’d like to add a wing fragment to the Ender dragon as an alternative to leather, that allows you to craft leather armor, but more durable.



Player Highlights:

Use /warp POTW or /warp BOTW to submit your books on either server! Please include coordinates for BOTW!


Player of the Week:



“He is so nice to me.” 



Build Showcase:


This was built by SaintNevermore, not only are fireworks included but it also plays a song! 







Top Voter for August:

MasqueradeXI with 155 votes!!

Congrats on being the top voter!



Top Donator for August:

Bobby9797 with $236.00 USD

Thank you for donating to us! 



Riddle of the Week:

The first three people to answer, correctly, will receive a random mystery prize on the following Monday! These prizes include money, keys, claimblocks, and more!


What is the name of the main protagonist in the Legend of Zelda series of video games?




Leave your answers and a homeset you would like your prize to be, and good luck!




Special News:

We are slowly updating the community post with different sections! We hope you like the changes and if you have anything to suggest, please do so here or on Discord!




Thank you all for reading and we hope to see you in the next one!



Social Media Links:

🔵 Twitter 🔵


🤳 TikTok 🤳


📸 Instagram 📸


💬 Twitch 💬


📽️ YouTube 📽️



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IGN: TwoPlyGaming
4 months ago

the answer is luigi!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


as for what i want to see in minecraft, i would like better light options. different colored lights, and a way to customize the redstone lamp so it emits different amounts of light would be incredible.


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Discord: DarkSoul#7766
IGN: DarkSoul_CC
4 months ago

Congratulations to JaxTheLegend for POTW and SaintNevermore for the BOTW!!

Answer to the riddle: Link! I would like my prize to be placed at my /home 1 on philia.

What i would like if minecraft added a drop to any mob: Add a wool variant which is dropped by sheep (maybe a small chance to get the wool variant) which would allow players to walk through, making secret rooms even cooler to get into!


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Discord: ColorSplit#5949
IGN: ColorSplit
4 months ago

Congrats to the BOTW and POTW winners!

For the riddle, the answer is Link Link. (context)

And finally as for a new mob drop, I would love it if wither skeletons carried a cool nether themed sword that had a wither or fire aspect effect. Perhaps it could be slightly better than stone swords, as that's what they already have? Idk stone swords feel kinda bland and currently there's no way to punch a player to give them the wither effect, and I feel like that's a cool way of doing it.