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IGN: beepbop
3 months ago

Welcome back to another Community Post! 

Coming to you on a Saturday with some very important information!!


Server Updates:

Some of you may remember last year, we were to release a very special Halloween event. Due to some unforeseen issues, we sadly could not recover it.

This year we have revamped and redesigned the event and will be bringing

__CORBAWEEN 2021__

To an event server near you!

This event will last for two weeks, in which we have packed full of events in game and in Discord! Stay tuned as we release more details on our social media posts!


Please read through the most current change-log for all of the fixes we have recently done.


Team Updates:

Applications are open and can be found in the Application section of the forums! Good luck to all that apply!


All applications are open.



Event Winners:

Each month we will count up which players won first place the most, and weekly we will post whoever won first place! Remember you get a special shulker box full of items for first place!


Monthly 1st place winner for September:

Astrophiliacc with 3 wins !!



Weekly 1st place winners:

October 1 - October 7:

TinyTiger1234 - Twice

Technorose - Once

Astrophiliacc - Once

SnowFury1 - Once

Astrophiliacc - Once




Nothing for this week!



If you could change the coloring of one block, what would you change?


I’d like to see jungle wood as a deep olive green, the bark and the wood itself.



Player Highlights:

Use /warp POTW or /warp BOTW to submit your books on either server! Please include coordinates for BOTW!


Player of the Week:


“I am nominating Zino because they have helped me a lot and has been super nice towards everybody!”



Build Showcase:


Congratulations to DarkSoul_CC, on this outstanding build, that can be seen in person on the creative server!




Top Voter for September:

This was a multi- way tie so we are taking the time to tell you all thank you for voting! Voting is so beneficial to the server and we are so grateful that you all do this for us!



Top Donator for September:

Azgos with $116.25 USD

Thank you for donating to us! 



Riddle of the Week:

Anyone who correctly answers will receive a random mystery prize on the following Monday! These prizes include money, keys, claimblocks, and more!


1.4.2 was the release of what Minecraft update? 



Leave your answers and a homeset you would like your prize to be, and good luck!




Special News:

We are holding multiple build competitions on the Creative Server for Halloween! Be sure to build some crazy stuff for us to see!




Thank you all for reading and we hope to see you in the next one!



Social Media Links:

🔵 Twitter 🔵


🤳 TikTok 🤳


📸 Instagram 📸


💬 Twitch 💬


📽️ YouTube 📽️


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Discord: ColorSplit#5949
IGN: ColorSplit
3 months ago

I believe the 1.4.2 update was called the Pretty Scary Update?

Also, congrats to the POTW and BOTW winners, and also we can't wait for everyone to experience Corbaween!!

Also also, if I could change the coloring of one block, I think I would choose either acacia planks to be a more calm color, or perhaps I would tweak some of the grass and leaf colors that you can get in different biomes instead. (Mesa grass being a slightly different color for example)


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3 months ago

GG xZionicx and DarkSoul_CC!!! 
Cant wait for Corbaween



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Discord: DarkSoul#7766
IGN: DarkSoul_CC
3 months ago

Thats awesome! thanks a lot for choosing me for the BOTW
well deserved for POTW zino!

answer to the riddle: The Pretty Scary Update!! its when I first started playing minecraft, wither was introduced to the game in this update and I haven't fought it until 1.6 XD

Sadly I will be taking a break from corba and this might be the last post from me for a long while, discord is mentioned in my bio if anyone wants to chat!