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Discord: Mr.Pranklez#0720
IGN: lUD4Kris
29 days ago

After the great success we had with Corbaween and the amazing feedback you gave us, we instantly started work on our next big event, CorbaCraft Christmas! We have all worked hard to make this all happen. With this event we once again have a whole collection of pets and particles, a ton of minigames, events hosted by our event team and even more special events on certain days!!!

  • Where will CorbaCraft Christmas be hosted?
    All Corbaween Events and Minigames will be available on the event server. Simply connect to the event server using /server event and you will be right where you need to be!

  • What are Tokens and what can I do with them?
    Tokens are a secondary economy we will be introducing to CorbaCraft this currency will only get used for special events like CorbaCraft Christmas. You will be able to get it from participating in events during special events like our Christmas Events and you will be able to spend them on the survival server you prefer, Lothar or Philia. For a more in-depth guide on tokens check out our wiki here!
    You can access the Christmas store using /menu on Lothar/Philia and then by navigating to the spruce sapling.
  1. Events:
    1. How many events are there?
      There are a total of 4 events that will be hosted by the event team. Some of which are entirely new and some may seem familiar but have been adjusted to suit this event as good as possible.
    2. What rewards can we get from events?
      Everyone will get a reward for participating in an event. If you win an event you will receive a total of 10 Tokens (more on those later) and some unique Christmas event shulkers. The second and third place prizes are 7 tokens and 4 tokens respectively and everyone who participated in the event will get 1 token!
    3. When will events be hosted?
      Events will be hosted on a daily basis. For a schedule of the first week of events and when these events will be ran exactly, check out the schedule below!
      Blue For Movie  Orange for event  Yellow for a special, streamed event!
      December 19th  -->  Movie Night
      December 20th  -->  Polar Plunge
      December 21st  -->  Gift Krieg
      December 22nd  -->  Naughty Or Nice
      December 23rd  -->  Corba Ball
      December 24th  -->  Home Alone
      December 25th  -->  Mob Party
      December 26th  -->  Movie Night
      December 27th  -->  Polar Plunge
      December 28th  -->  Gift Krieg
      December 29th  -->  Naughty Or Nice
      December 30th  -->  Build Contest 
      December 31st  -->  Home Alone
      January 1st!  -->  Mob Party 
      January 2nd  -->  Movie Night
      January 3rd  -->  Surprise
  2. Minigames:
    There are a total of 4 different minigames, Caroling, Droppers, 4 Parkours and a fishing contest. All of these events can be completed once on a daily basis and in total you should be able to get just shy of 50 Tokens per day. Below is a summary of all events and how they work.
    1. Caroling:
      With this minigame you'll be doing exactly what it says, you'll go caroling in Minecraft. Simply look for houses on the map that have doors there is a total of 16 different houses. Right click the door and someone will answer the door and they will either give you candy or give you a little mission that you will need to complete to get your candy. You will also be able to get more candy depending on how scary the outfit is you're wearing. You can change your outfit by using the rabbit stew in your inventory and by navigating the GUI from there. You will be able to go caroling once every day. Last but not least, you can't really buy anything with candy on it's own, however, you will be able to exchange your candy for tokens at a 1:1 ration on Lothar/Philia. And with those tokens you'll then be able to get yourself some cool cosmetics.

    2. Parkours:
      We have a total of 4 different parkours of varying difficulties. Each parkour will reward you with 1 token on completion, for a grand total of 4. Also this minigame can only be completed once every day. At the end of our Christmas Event every record holder will get 50 tokens (remember; you can only get 50 tokens once, even if you hold multiple records)

    3. Treasure hunt:
      This is probably a familiar minigame as well. We've already had it in the past during Christmas and easter, this time it's a bit different. Over the whole map we have hidden a total of 12 gingerbread house skulls (check out the picture below) that you will need to find. You will get 1 token with every skull you find and you will be able to find new ones once a day.

    4. Fishing Contest:
      These are 2 mini contests that will be running over the whole period of this event. You will simply need to fish as many fish as you can and the person that caught the most will end up winning 50 tokens at the last weekend of CC Christmas. The person who caught the most junk will win the junk fishing contest and they will also get 50 tokens (remember you can only win 1 contest, even if you're in first place twice).

  3. Special Events:
    This time we have a few more special events than last time as we noticed from your feedback that everyone enjoyed these the most. Our biggest special event, "Corba Ball", will get it's very own announcement as this has multiple parts to it, so stay posted for that!!!

Christmas Sale:

Last but not least we're having our annual 50% sale. Starting today up until the 3rd of January in 2022. So if you've been waiting for this very moment to get your upgrade/rank, don't miss it!!!

That about wraps up this announcement. If you have any further questions feel free to ask and we'll clarify where necessary! We're super excited to finally present this to you and we hope to you'll enjoy as much as we will!

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