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Have you ever wanted to just upgrade your dirt hut without putting hours of work into building a base for yourself, this is the solution! You'll be able to buy a build out of a variety of builds. Use /warp catalog to take a look at what we have to offer!
  • How can I buy a catalog build?
    • Go to /warp catalog and choose a build that you would like to have
    • Prepare an area that can hold the build
      • Staff will not clear an area for you, this is up to you
      • Be sure that the area is claimed
    • Open a catalog ticket on discord in #make-a-ticket and request your build
      • What build would you like to see pasted in (the name can be found on a sign)
      • Where about would you like to see it pasted in
      • If relevant: Mention what kind of palette you would like to see used with your build (You can only choose from the provided palettes, any other modifications need to be done by yourself)
      • Your minecraft username
    • Wait for a staff member to be available and paste in your build
      • for your build to be pasted you need to be online so that it can be placed correctly
      • Once a build is placed it will not be moved so be sure to think it's placement through
  • Will new builds get added to the catalag?
    The catalog is a continuously evolving project. We'll try to add new content to the catalog and exchange unpopular content from the catalog on a monthly basis. Although currently most of the builds have been made by the build team, players are also able to submit builds! (more info below)
  • Some rules surrounding player catalog build submissions:
    • You can submit a building by warping to /warp catalog and dropping a book with the coordinates to your build, your username and any other information that may be useful in the hoppers.
      • Farms/Grinders/Smelters/Massive redstone contraptions will not be accepted
    • Staff will decide the price of the build based on it's quality, size and items used.
    • Only the Build Manager is able to accept build submissions, so be patient and don't spam staff over it.
    • Once your submission has been accepted and we have determined a price, as a reward, you will receive the value of that build.
    • Every build in the catalog will have a sign crediting the person who built the spawn
      • Once you have bought a build you are free to do with it as you please, however you can't claim credit for building it.
    • Builds can include custom armorstands, item frames, skulls, banners and signs.