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Claiming Your Land

Required Materials:

  • Golden Shovel

  • Stick

Commands For Claiming:

  • /abandonclaim - abandons the claim you are standing in if it is your own (you keep your claimblocks)
  • /abandonallclaims - abandons all of your claims. (you keep your claimblocks)
  • /claimexplosions - allows you to use tnt and other explosives within your claim
  • /subdivideclaims - enters claim subdivision mode
  • /abandontoplevelclaim - abandons a subdivision
  • /trust <playername> - trusts the player to your claim
  • /permissiontrust <playername> - lets another player /trust people on your claim or a claim subdivision
  • /accesstrust <playername> - lets another player access things like buttons and levers on your claim
  • /claimlist - Shows you how many claimblocks you are using, how many you have left, and the coordinates of all of your claims
  • /claimblocks - Will open a GUI that enables you to buy/sell claimblocks
    • Lothar: 100 Claimblocks cost 500 CorbaCash
    • Philia: 100 Claimblocks cost 10 diamonds

Note: You can do any of the trust commands with “public” instead of an IGN to grant that type of trust to everyone on the server.

Why Claim Your Land:

Claiming your land prevents other players from building on your property. This is espcially important when you do not want your base to be griefed. This is also a great way to manage a community. You can use land claims with their subdivisions to develop towns, parks, and apartments.


How to Claim Your Land:

*Remember all claims must be at least 50 blocks away from another claim!

Step 1: Check your surrounding area to make sure no other claims are near you. Do this by right clicking the ground with your stick. This will tell you if anything is claimed, if claims are nearby, and who claimed the area.
Step 2: Do /kit claim to get your gold shovel if you cannot craft one!
Step 3: Mark your area. Claiming is done in a square/rectangle. So you need to mark the 4 corners of what you want your claim to be so that you can visualize all the land that will be inside your claim. Don’t worry about the Y level, because claiming will go all the way from 0 to build height!
Step 4: Right click one corner with your gold shovel. Keep your gold shovel in your hand and go to the opposite diagonal corner. (Diagrams and photos will be below). Right click the second corner with the gold shovel to complete your claim!


Expanding Your Claim:

There are many ways to expand your land claim. 

Option 1: For beginners it may be easiest to simply abandon your claim and then reclaim your land. You can do this by standing in your claim and doing the command /abandonclaim.

Option 2: is more advanced.

Step 1: Go to one corner of your claim and right click with your gold shovel. This will enter “expansion” mode. 

Step 2: Hold your shovel and walk/fly for a short distance, then right click the ground again in a new location to expand your claim. It is easier to do these in short distances to avoid mis clicks or accidentally creating a new claim instead of expanding

Option 3

    Step 1: Stand in your claim facing the direction you wish to expand. 

    Step 2: Do the command /expandclaim (amount of blocks) to expand that side of your claim X amount of blocks in the direction you are facing.

Sub Dividing Claims:

What is a claim subdivision? It is a claim within your own claim that you can add specific permissions to. For example, if you want to run a town, you could subdivide your claim into plots of land. This would let you trust certain people to plots, without giving them trust to the rest of your claim. 

Cool, but how? Well it works the same way as normal claims. Stand in your claim and run the /subdivideclaims command while holding your golden shovel. Then simply claim the area inside your claim that you wish to have different trust permissions. This will not use claimblocks. 

What if you want to remove a subdivide but not your entire claim? Easy! Stand inside the subdivision and do /abandontoplevelclaim