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Cosmetics are types of items that players can unlock to modify their own appearance. Players don't gain anything from having a cosmetic, it simply allows you to stand out and customize your experience even further. These items are global, this means if you unlock a cosmetic on one server you will also have it on our other servers. On top of that, cosmetics are permanent, once you have unlocked a cosmetic, you will keep it forever, even if a server has to reset for an update for instance, you will keep the cosmetics you have unlocked so far.

We offer a variety of ways to unlock cosmetics;
  • You can unlock cosmetics from through voting (with a little luck on your side)
  • We have a Pets crate that holds our animal pets collection
  • We have a Disguises crate that mainly holds peaceful/passive mobs
  • Each of our donator ranks unlocks 2 hostile mob disguises (you can check them out on our store)
  • On special occasions, like Corbaween, we offer a set of unique collectibles, this is also the only time these collectibles are available and this is also the only time you are able to unlock our special particle Cosmetics.
Below we'll make a list of the most relevant commands you would need to use to make use of these cosmetics. We'll also list all cosmetics we currently have to offer and have offered in the past with our special events.
  • Disguises:
    • Commands:
      • /d, /disg, /disguise <disguiseName> - Disguise yourself (you must have unlocked the disguise you would like to disguise as)
      • /ud, /undisguise - Undisguise yourself
    • Crate Disguises:
      • Coming Soon
    • Donator Disguises:
      • Coming Soon
    • Corbaween Disguises:
      • Coming Soon
  • Pets:
    • Commands:
      • /pets - This command will open the pets GUI, from here you'll be able to see all pets you have unlocked and summon them
      • /pets hat - Equip your pet as a hat
      • /pets remove - Despawn your pet
      • /pets setName - Set the name of your pet to something specific
      • /pets sit - Ride your pet
      • /pets call - Call your pet to you if it is stuck/stayed behind/...
    • Crate Pets:
      • Coming Soon
    • Corbaween Pets:
      • ​​​​​​​Coming Soon
  • Particles:
    • ​​​​​​​Commands:
      • ​​​​​​​/pp - Open the particles GUI
      • /pp reset - Remove any active particles you currently have equipped
      • /pp toggle - Toggle player Particles on/off (This means you will toggle the visibility of these special particles, this doesn't include normal particles)
    • Corbaween Particles:
      • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Coming Soon