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A unique way of using warps. By setting your very own warp you will be able to to manage entirely on your own. You can control who is allowed to warp to your warp, whether you want to charge people for using your warp and much more. Below you'll find a short guide to all the player warp commands and what they do:
  • /pw - Open the warp menu to navigate all playerwarps
  • /pw <warpname> - warp to a specific playerwarp
  • /pw set <warpname> - Create a warp
    • Lothar: Setting a warp costs 25k CorbaCash
    • Philia: Setting a warp costs 72 diamonds
    • You're only able to set a warp inside a claim that you own
  • /pw desc <set|remove> <warpname> <description> -  Set a description for your warp
  • /pw category <warpname> <category> - Set the category for your warp (farm, shops,...)
  • /pw icon <set|remove> <warpname> - hold the item you want to set your warp icon to in your hand while executing this command
  • /pw lock <warpname> - locks your warp to all players
  • /pw password <set|remove> <warpname> <password> - Set a password for your warp to restrict access to specific players
  • /pw reset <warpname> -  reset the position of your warp
    • Lothar: This will cost you 5k CorbaCash
    • Philia: This will cost you 16 diamonds
  • /pw setowner <playername> - Change the ownership of your warp
  • /pw rename <warpname> <newname> - Rename your warp
    • Lothar: This will cost you 5k CorbaCash
    • Philia: This will cost you 16 diamonds
  • /pw favourite <warpname> -  Add a warp to your favourite warps list
  • /pw ban <warpname> <playername> - ban a player from teleporting to your warp
  • /pw cost <warpname> <amount> - set a cost to your warp (could be useful for public farms)
  • /pw remove <warpname> - will remove your warp (be sure to specify which one if you own multiple)
    • If a player goes inactive for more than 60 days the warp will automatically get removed
  • /pw rate <warpname> <1-5> - rate a warp
Last but not least, you're able to advertise your warp by buying an advertisement slot that you can find in the "/pwarp" menu.