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Hardcore Survival Server:
To bridge the gap between the 1.17 update and 1.18 update, we have decided to open up a new server, the Hardcore server. This will be a server that will run during the transition period between 1.17 and 1.18. Most of you will probably know how our hardcore server will work from past iterations, however there are a few significant changes. We have a dedicated wiki for our Hardcore survival server with all info you could need, but we'll list the main features.

  • Deaths:
    In a normal Hardcore world, if you die, that's the end of that world and it's lost forever. With this Hardcore server we decided to change things up a bit, but still make dying have it's consequences. You will be able to start off with 3 lives and with every 6 votes you will gain an extra life. Once you have lost all of your lives you will be banned for 24 hours.
  • Features:
    This is as barebones of a server as possible. We really only have 1 feature present, which is claiming. You will be able to claim your builds and with every vote you can unlock extra claimblocks. However, voting is the only way of unlocking more claimblocks. With every vote you will be able to unlock 25 extra claimblocks. This means things like /fly or /tpa and even cosmetics are simply not available. On hardcore you will only have access to things that you would also have access to on a single player survival world. PvP is also enabled of course.
  • Whitelist:
    Our hardcore server is our only whitelisted server. This is because we want our hardcore server to be a server that everyone is able to actively play on without having to worry about anything. This is also why any structure that is unclaimed can be broken/stolen from. The only structures that are protected are the ones that have been claimed. Staff will also be playing actively and we will be relying on our chat filter to mostly moderate things. If there are people that decide to bypass this filter and ignore the few rules we have, the will be blacklisted.
  • Rules:
    You can also check all of these rules in-game using /rules
    • Do not spam (of any kind)
    • Looting unclaimed structures is allowed
    • No Hacked Clients/X-ray/Exploits/Dupes
    • English only in main chat
    • Avoid controversial topics (politics, religion,...)
    • No inapropriate builds/skins/names
    • Do not attempt to bypass our chat filter
    • Do not bypass any punishments
    • Respect all players and staff
    • Do not name items inappropriately
    • Player trapping is allowed except for bed/spawn/offline trapping
    • All redstone contraptions must have an on/off switch
    • All mob grinders must have an on/off switch
    • Do not impersonate staff members/players
    • Listen to staff
    • Alt accounts/burner accounts just to revive your account are not allowed and will be blacklisted
  • Other useful information:
    • Worldborder is set to 10k in ALL worlds
    • You can only get a maximum of 3 lives, voting will not exceed this limit
      • You can use /lives to view the amount of files you have left
      • You can use /revive to pass on one of your lives to revive a player
    • You can toggle the scoreboard using /sb toggle
    • After you died 3 times and waited 24 hours, you will respawn with 1 life