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Plots Guide:
Get your very own plot in CorbaCity and become a part of this massive City. Below you'll find a short guide to all the plot commands and what they do:
  • /plot sethome - Set a home for your own plot
  • /plot claim - Claim the plot you're currently standing on
    • /plot auto - You will get a random plot
    • Claiming a plot costs 50k CorbaCash
    • Depending on your rank you can claim a different amount of plots
      • NewComer: 1 plot
      • Elder: 2 plots
      • Captain: 3 plots
      • Prince/Princess: 4 plots
      • Groovy: 5 plots
      • Corba: 6 plots
  • /plot delete - Clear your plot and abandon it
    • You need to stand on your plot in order to remove it
    • You will get 25k CorbaCash when you abandon your plot
  • /plot visit <playername> - Visit the plot of the player you specified
  • /plot kick <playername> - Kick a player off of your plot
  • /plot middle - Teleport to the very center of your plot
  • /plot trust <playername> - Trust/add a player to your plot
  • /plot remove <playername> - Remove a trusted player from your plot
  • /plot done -  Mark your plot as done
  • /plot continue - Continue working on your plot once your marked it as done
  • /pw clear - Clear your plot/reset it to it's default state
  • /plot set biome <biomename> - Set the biome of your plot (available to MVP+)
  • /plot music <song> - Set the music that players here when visiting your plot (available to Devine+)
  • /plot alias <set|remove> <alias> - Set/Remove the alias of your plot that will be displayed when people enter your plot
  • /plot setdescription <description> - Set a description for your plot