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Avenge your fallen comrades by placing a bounty on your enemies. Other players will then be able to accept the bounty and attempt to complete it by killing the target. Of course, this isn't a free service so if you set a bounty on someone you will need to also pay your chosen amount to the player once they completed the task. Below you'll find a short guide to all the bounty commands and what they do:
  • /bounty - Open the bounty GUI displaying all available bounties
  • /bounty <targetname> - Accept a specific bounty (if one is available for the target)
  • /bounty <targetname> <reward> - Set the bounty for a specific target for your desired price/reward
    • If you run the same command again on the same person you can increase the reward for the bounty
    • If you would like to remove a bounty run the command /bounty to open the GUI and then right click your bounty to remove it
  • /hunterleaderboard - Display the bounty leaderboard
  • Max 2 bounties - A player can set a maximum of 2 bounties
  • Bounties expire after 7 days if they didn't get completed within that time
  • The minimum bounty you can set is 1 diamond, the maximum bounty you can set is 1000 diamonds
  • You are able to purchase a tracking compass for 90 diamonds. This will help you hunt down your target.
  • Redeeming a bounty:
    • Once you completed a bounty the skull of the owner will drop and you will then need to return this to the person who created said bounty. You will be able to redeem the skull by right clicking the player that created the bounty.
Disclaimer: PvP is optional to everyone, in other words, not everyone will have PvP enabled so keep this in mind when setting a bounty. We are not a PvP oriented server, quite the contrary, we consider ourselves a PvE oriented server and we would also like to keep it this way. By making PvP optional we want to enable the people that would want to PvP, do so.