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Build and expand your very own kingdom together with your friends and allies. In order to even further assist players in collaborating with eachother and working together to achieve greatness. Within a kingdom there will be members with different ranks, you'll be able to share items with other kingdom members, forge alliances with other kingdoms and more! Below you'll find a short guide to all the bounty commands and what they do:
  • aliases: /kd, /king, /kingdoms, /kingdom
  • /kingdom create <name> <prefix> - Create your very own  kingdom
    • The kingdom name can be as long as you would like for it to be
    • The kingdom prefix has a maximum length of 9 characters
    • Creating a kingdom costs 27 diamonds
  • /kingdom invite <playername> - Invite a player to your kingdom
    • /kingdom check -  This will check if you have any pending kingdom invites
    • /kingdom accept - Accept a kingdom invite
    • /kingdom decline - Decline a kingdom invite
    • /kingdom request - Request to join a kingdom
  • /kingdom code - This will allow you to create an invite code to your kingdom that can be used a chosen amount of times
    • /kingdom code delete <code> - Remove an invite code
    • /kingdom code info <code> - Show some extra info on a specific invite code
    • /kingdom code redeem <code> - redeem a code to join a kingdom
    • /kingdom code create <uses> - Create a kingdom invite code with a specific amount of uses
    • /kingdom code list - List all current invite codes of your kingdom
  • /kingdom members - Bring up a list of all your kingdom members in a GUI with some extra information
    • /kingdom promote <playername> - Promote a member of your kingdom
    • /kingdom demote <playername> - Demote a member of your kingdom
    • /kingdom boot <playername> - Kick a member out of the kingdom
    • Kingdoms have a total of 4 ranks starting at the highest rank we have: Royal, Noble, Knight, Citizen
  • /kingdom info - Bring up an overview on the main systems of your kingdom, you'll be able to see your kingdom's MOTD (message of the day), tier, bank, members, status (open/closed), home and the kingdom vaults.
  • /kingdom list - Get a list of all existing kingdoms and some details on them
  • /kingdom ally - Create an alliance with another kingdom
  • /kingdom home - Teleport to the kingdom home
    • /kingdom sethome - Set the kingdom home (can only be used by Nobles+)
    • /kingdom delhome - Remove the kingdom home (can only be use by Nobles+)
  • /kingdom chat - Toggle kingdom chat and talk with other kingdom members
  • /kingdom bank - access your kingdom bank
  • /kingdom vault - access your kingdom vaults
  • /kingdom rename <newname> - rename your kingdom
  • /kingdom prefix <newprefix> - change the prefix of your kingdom
  • /kingdom transfer <playername> - transfer ownership of your kingdom to a player
  • /kingdom delete - delete your kingdom (BEWARE: this can't be undone!)
  • /upgrade - In order to upgrade your kingdom you need to complete all 4 relevant kingdom quests for your tier. Once you have completed these you can use /upgrade to upgrade your Kingdom. (Kingdoms cost diamonds to upgrade, check costs below)
    • You can access all kingdom quests by running /quests category kingdoms
    • For every tier there are a total of 4 quests you have to complete
    • Below you'll see a table showing you all the perks you unlock as you rank up your kingdom