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Set up your very own store, small or big, you can have them both. Use /warp market to get teleported to the marketplace. (for all commands you can use /arm or /ccm)
  • /ccm gui - Open a GUI that will allow you to view all of your owned shop plots and access to a few useful things like extending the rental period of your plot etc. (this GUI can also be accessed by SHIFT+RIGHT-CLICKING your marketplace sign)

  • /ccm addmember <playername> - Add a member to your shop plot
  • /ccm removemember <playername> - Remove a member from your shop plot
  • /ccm terminate - Terminate your plot rental period, otherwise you will automatically get charged weekly
  • /ccm info - Get some useful information about your plot (in a text format)
  • /ccm offer <playername> <yourregion> <price> - Offer your plot to another player for a price
  • /ccm reset - Reset everything on your plot (any trusted members, buildings, shopkeepers,...)
  • /ccm sellback <yourregion> - Sell back your plot and get 50% of your money back
  • /ccm settplocation - Set the teleportation location of your shop plot to a specific spot
    • Make sure to stand inside your shop plot to set the location.
  • /ccm terminate - End the rental period of your shop plot
  • /ccm tp <region> - teleport to the shop plot you specified
  • /ccm flageditor <region> - modify some settings of your very own shop plot using a simple GUI

Extra Note: With your plot you will get 1 free Shopkeeper if you would like to buy more simply use /warp market and buy more shopkeepers from the NPC.

  • How can I change the message players see when they enter my plot?
    Use the flageditor to modify the welcome message. This can be accessed by opening your marketplace GUI using your plot sign or by running /arm gui, selecting the plot you want to modify, then click on the black banner and then finally adjust the message flag. (You can also access the flageditor by using /arm flageditor and then specifying the ID of the plot you would like to edit)