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How to Make A Shop (Philia):

In this guide we'll be talking about our unique shop system where players will be able to make their very own villager shops. This will is a unique approach to shops we will keep reserved for Philia as we believe it suits the gamemode the most out of all possible player shop alternatives.
  • Where can you get a ShopKeeper?
    Shopkeepers are only available in the marketplace at /warp market on Philia (They can't be used in the main survival world to help improve server performance and have all shops together and easy to discover). With every plot you buy you will be able to get 1 ShopKeeper for free and every additional shopkeeper will set you back 1 diamond block. 
  • What can you even do with a ShopKeeper?
    With a shopkeeper you can create 3 types of shops:
    • selling: Will allow you to sell items to players for diamonds
    • buying: Will allow you to buy items from players for diamonds
    • trading: Will allow you to trade specific items for another item (this can be any items)
  • How do you set up a ShopKeeper?
    In order to set up a ShopKeeper you need 2 things a chest and a ShopKeeper spawn egg. Go through the following steps to set it up to your liking:
    • First, select the correct shop type you would like to use. You can either right/left-click the air while holding the Shopkeeper egg to switch modes (be sure to hold the egg in your hand through the whole process of setting up your ShopKeeper)
    • Second, right click a storage container to link it to the ShopKeeper so you can store the items people buy/sell/trade from/to/with your ShopKeeper. (make sure the container is within a radius of 8 blocks of the position where you want to place your ShopKeeper)
    • Third, right click on the floor where you want to place the ShopKeeper
  • Configuring your shopkeeper:
    • To configure your shopkeeper use "SHIFT"+"Right-Click" while looking at your shopkeeper.
    • A GUI will then appear that will allow you to modify your Shopkeeper itself and also manage all the sales/trades of the items you have put into the linked chest

In order to help you out a bit more @Matthias1266 has made a dedicated tutorial to give you an in-depth walkthrough on how ShopKeepers work: